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5 Vehicle Maintenance Items You Shouldn’t Delay

Your car does more than simply shuttle you from point A to point B. It’s your reliable sidekick, getting you to all your destinations safely and helping you efficiently run your daily errands.

So, it’s important to give back by keeping it running and driving at its best. And that starts with completing all its maintenance services on a set schedule.

While there might be tasks that seem like they can wait, don’t delay in getting the following services done as recommended by your trusted auto repair shop in Locust, NC.

Oil Change

When your daily tasks pile up, the mileage on your oil change sticker might feel like a mere suggestion. The truth is, it’s anything but.

Changing your oil on time is essential to keeping your engine clean, cool, and well-lubricated. If you wait too long, the oil starts to break down, leaving your motor unprotected and potentially gumming up the works.

How long is too long? Most vehicles require an oil change every 3,000 to 7,500 miles, but this interval varies depending on the make and model of your car. Check with your car maintenance tech for your vehicle’s exact service interval.

Fluid Flushes

The motor oil is not the only fluid doing the heavy lifting in keeping your car’s vital systems in peak condition. Depending on your car’s build, there’s also the coolant, transmission fluid, differential fluid, brake fluid, and power steering fluid.

These fluids must maintain their lubricative and cooling properties to prevent damage to your major systems. And that means getting fluid flushes early and often to stay ahead of the fluid breakdown process.

Every system differs, so ask your Locust NC mechanic for their service interval recommendations.

Brake Service

With the press of the brake pedal, your car’s braking system jumps into action to slow things down and bring you to a stop when needed. But it can only do that when the brake pads and rotors have enough material to slough off speed fast.

Over time, the pad and rotor material wear away, reducing your stopping power. You can actively avoid that decrease in braking performance by getting brake service as recommended by your auto repair tech.

Timing Belt Replacement

The timing belt plays a pivotal role in keeping your engine’s parts, like the camshaft and crankshaft, rotating in unison. To do that, the teeth on the belt turn the pulleys connected to these components. Over time, the teeth wear out, and the belt material can start to get thin and fray.

If the belt slips or breaks, catastrophic engine damage could occur, especially if you have an interference motor. Thankfully, avoiding that nightmare scenario is simple: promptly change your timing belt whenever your car’s preventative maintenance schedule calls for it.

Tire Checks

Your tires keep your car firmly planted on the road as you zoom down the straights and move through the twists and turns on every drive. In fact, they’re the only thing between your car and the street, so it’s definitely in your best interest to take great care of them.

Replacing your tires when the tread wears past 2/32” is always a good idea, of course, but there’s a lot of maintenance to do before that happens. You can extend the life of your tires by rotating them at each oil change visit and getting a wheel alignment about once a year. Also, check your tire pressure weekly to keep it at the correct PSI for optimal grip and reduced wear.

Is It Time to Complete Factory Scheduled Maintenance?

If you’re ready to get factory-scheduled maintenance services for your car, our team at Whitley Automotive is here to help. Get in touch with our team at (704) 888-3560, and we’ll help you find a great time to bring your car into the shop. On your appointment date, find us at 210 Locust Avenue Locust, North Carolina, 28097 to have your car maintenance services completed while you run errands or relax in our waiting room.



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