Transmission Service & Repair

Keep Shifting Through Every Gear

with Transmission Repair & Services

Whether you drive a manual or have an automatic, the health of your transmission keeps your vehicle shifting through the gears with ease. But if anything goes wrong with the transmission system, you could end up stuck in gear and stranded on the side of the road.

Our team at Whitley Automotive understands the importance of keeping your gearbox working at its best. That’s why we take transmission issues seriously. And we service transmissions of various vehicles, including commercial vans, pick-up trucks, and commuter cars.

A Transmission Service Starts

with Vehicle Health Check & Diagnostics

When you come to our shop in Locust or Marshville, our team will start the transmission service with a thorough vehicle health check.

We use digital inspection software to record photos, videos, and notes as we go over the inspection process. We’ll send the results to you through text or email so you can see what’s wrong with your vehicle while you’re at work, home, or wherever you are.

We’ll also use additional diagnostics tools to pinpoint problems that are pretty hard to uncover. This is our best way of assessing your transmission and fully resolving the issue.


The most common signs you need transmission repair include:

Getting your transmission repaired at the first sign of a problem could save your gearbox. However, as the problem escalates, the likelihood of needing a transmission replacement increases. Thankfully, it’s easy to avoid that by bringing your car into our shop.



Our ASE-certified mechanics will always aim to do what it takes to preserve the health of your automatic or manual transmission. However, as you put more miles on your car, the gearbox’s internals may eventually wear out or get damaged, necessitating a transmission replacement.

When that happens, you’ll usually notice that your car won’t shift into gear. You may also get the news from our team after we go through the diagnostic steps. In any case, we are ready to replace your transmission using quality parts sourced from our trusted suppliers.

Other Types of Transmission Services You May Need

Depending on your vehicle type and drivetrain setup, your truck may also need: 

  • Transmission Fluid Flushes
  • Driveline Repair & Maintenance
  • Axle Repair & Replacement
  • Clutch Repair & Replacement
  • Transmission Fluid Service
  • Flywheel Repair & Replacement
  • Driveshaft & U-Joint Repair
  • Differential Diagnosis

These services help protect the gearbox’s moving parts from damage, keeping your vehicle on the road mile after mile.

Not sure when to come in for service? Our team can help you get all the right services done at manufacturer-recommended intervals. 


Regular transmission service helps extend the life of your gearbox and provides other excellent benefits, including:

  • Improve your car’s gas mileage and drivability
  • Avoid getting stuck on the side of the road
  • Save time and money on auto repairs
  • Preserve the value of your vehicle
  • Enjoy peace of mind on your travels

Want to Keep Your Vehicle Shifting Smoothly

Through Every Gear?

Whether you’re experiencing trouble shifting your vehicle or want to avoid transmission problems, Whitley Automotive can help. We’re here to provide all the care your gearbox needs to work at its best through every mile.

To schedule a visit, give us a call or visit our Locust or Marshville shop. We’ll help you find the perfect time to bring your vehicle for servicing.

Contact the Locust shop at (704) 888-3560 or drop by at 210 Locust Avenue, Locust, NC 28097