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Hybrid and EV Repair

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Trust Whitley Automotive for expert hybrid and electric vehicle (EV) repairs. Our experienced technicians have the knowledge and specialized training to efficiently diagnose and service hybrid and EV systems.
At Whitley Automotive, we have what it takes to ensure your green vehicles perform at their very best and remain efficient through every mile. Our technicians stay updated with the latest tech advancements to offer you the best support. When you need top-notch car care, visit our Locust and Marshville, NC auto repair shops.

Varieties of Hybrid & Electric Vehicles

The landscape of hybrid and electric vehicles is constantly evolving, with new advancements and variations emerging:

Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV)

The most common type, HEVs utilize both an internal combustion engine (ICE) and an electric motor to power the vehicle.

Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV)

PHEVs possess larger battery packs than HEVs. These vehicles can be charged by plugging into an external power source. Once the battery charge is depleted, the vehicle operates as a conventional hybrid.

Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV)

BEVs are fully electric vehicles that rely entirely on electric motors for propulsion. They must be charged by plugging into an external power source and do not feature a gasoline engine backup.

Extended Range Electric Vehicle (EREV)

Similar to PHEVs, EREVs boast larger battery packs and extended electric driving ranges. These vehicles can operate on electric power alone for a significant distance before the internal combustion engine activates.

How We Care for Hybrids and Electric Vehicles

We offer maintenance and repair services for hybrid and electric vehicles from all the leading brands, including Nissan, BMW, Ford, Kia, Toyota, and Honda. No matter what you drive, you can trust our team to fully diagnose, maintain, and repair all its basic and high-tech systems.

Our hybrid and electric vehicle repair services include:

  • Battery Health Check, Repair, & Replacement
  • Battery Cooling System Inspection
  • Regenerative Braking System Check
  • Brake System Repair
  • Electric Motor Repair or Replacement
  • Inverter and Converter Repair
  • Charging System Inspection and Repair
  • High-Voltage System Inspection and Repair
  • Tire Rotation and Wheel Alignment
  • HVAC System Repair

We’re also happy to replace your hybrid or EV tires as needed to keep your car driving smoothly through every mile.

As a trusted TECHNET shop, we back all our services with a 36-months/36,000 miles warranty. If anything goes wrong, contact our team, and we’ll fix the problem immediately.

When to Come in for Hybrid & EV Maintenance

If you want your car to stay in good condition, regular hybrid and EV maintenance is a must. How often you need to bring your car in for regular check-ups depends on the factory recommendations from your carmaker.

Many service intervals for hybrid and electric vehicles differ from internal combustion cars. For example, you won’t have to service your regenerative braking systems as often as with mechanical brakes. But your car’s electric motors and charging systems will require more frequent inspections and occasional software updates.

However, electric and hybrid vehicles still need the same level of steering and suspension services. And it’s always important to keep a close eye on the condition of your tires. So, while your EV won’t need oil changes, it’s best to visit our shop several times a year for digital vehicle inspections.

During those visits, we’ll let you know what maintenance services are due and share any issues our techs find while looking over your car. We can also provide a personalized maintenance schedule if you want to schedule your visits more precisely.

Avail Expert Hybrid and EV Repair Services

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When it comes to expert hybrid and electric vehicle repairs, Whitley Automotive is here to serve you. Our experienced technicians specialize in providing top-notch repair services for hybrids and EVs in Locust, Marshville, and nearby areas in NC. Contact us today to schedule your hybrid or EV repair appointment and experience our exceptional service firsthand.

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