Preventative Maintenance

Maintain Your Vehicle’s Health

with Preventative Maintenance

The health of your vehicle depends on getting regular maintenance services. At our auto repair shop, we replace consumable parts and refresh vital fluids to ensure your vehicles can always run and drive at their very best.

Providing your car, truck, or van with this level of care makes it possible to prevent minor or major issues from developing. You also get true peace of mind on all your travels, whether you’re piloting your mid-size commercial vehicle or commuting around town in your car.

Types of Preventative Maintenance Services

At our auto repair shops in Locust and Marshville, NC, we provide a full range of preventative maintenance services, including:

Oil change • Fluid services •Tune-up • Induction service • Air filter replacement • Timing belt replacement • Belt and hose replacement • Transmission fluid flush • Coolant flush • Battery services • Brake service • Differential service • AC recharge

We offer all these services for passenger cars, pick-up trucks, and vans. Our team also provides services for small to mid-size trucks and other commercial and fleet vehicles.

Benefits of Getting Timely Maintenance

By following factory-recommended maintenance schedules, we keep your vehicle operating at peak efficiency and performance. Regular visits will help you stay on top of your vehicle, so you won’t have any surprises while out on the road.

Other benefits of getting factory-recommended maintenance on time every time include:

Your commitment to timely maintenance helps preserve the resale value of your vehicle as well. We’ll provide the maintenance records you need to create a long history of care that backs your claims about the vehicle’s condition and value.



Our ASE-certified mechanics follow the vehicle manufacturer’s guidelines on when to do each maintenance service. The needed services at each visit will depend on your vehicle type, mileage, and other factors.

We will look at the factory-recommended maintenance guidelines from your carmaker to decide when to perform each service. Then, our team will create a maintenance schedule for you to follow through the years.

You will then know just when to come into our shop for service. We can even get you on the schedule ahead of time so that you can easily work the necessary repairs into your daily calendar and budget.

When you come in, every visit will start with a thorough vehicle health check, giving you essential information about the condition of your vehicle. Through that process, we’ll provide all the info you need to properly care for your car, truck, or van mile after mile.

Ready to Complete

Preventative Maintenance Services?

Whenever you’re ready to complete all the recommended services your vehicle needs, we’re here to help. At Whitley Automotive, we pride ourselves on our ability to conduct all the maintenance services needed to preserve the health of your vehicles.

We welcome you to call us to get on the schedule or simply stop by our shops in North Carolina: Our team will help you find a convenient time for servicing. If you need pick-up and drop-off services, let us know, and we’ll make it happen.

Contact the Locust shop at (704) 888-3560 or drop by at 210 Locust Avenue, Locust, NC 28097.