Trustworthy Auto Repair Services

in Marshville, NC

Marshville is a town located in Union County in North Carolina. Known for its rich history and charming downtown, it offers a rural, relaxed, and friendly vibe, making it popular with people seeking a tight-knit community and a slower pace of life.

In 2017, we made the decision to expand our services to Marshville by opening up a second shop. This shop allows us to help more people keep their vehicles—personal or commercial—working at their best.

Come to Us Whenever You Need

Auto Repair and Tire Services

Our team welcomes you to come to us whenever you need auto and tire repairs. We’ve set our team up for success in providing the full range of auto repair services by equipping our workspace with the leading automotive tools and equipment. 

Our ASE-certified technicians are always here to help you figure out what’s going on with your vehicle and fix it using the highest quality parts. We perform various services, including: 

At Whitley Automotive, we don’t just care for vehicles either. We offer our clients endless support in making great vehicle care decisions. That process starts with our thorough vehicle health check and diagnostics. As our mechanics look over your car, we compile all the photos, videos, and notes you need to decide how to protect your investment.

Our service advisors will then go over the information with you to help you better understand the issue at hand and all the recommended services. Through it all, we strive to help you feel confident about your decisions as you move forward in caring for your vehicles.

We’re Here to Help You

Enjoy Your Visits

We understand how difficult it can be to work your shop visits into your busy days. So, we’re here to help make it easier with our pick-up and drop-off concierge services.

If you prefer to drop off your car, we will guide you through the early bird and after-hours drop-off procedures. Our key lockbox will keep your keys secure until our team arrives onsite so that you can continue your day without worry.

Want to come by during business hours? Our complimentary shuttle service can help you get on with your day. We also have a cozy waiting room for your comfort, complete with a kid’s play area for your little ones.


in Marshville, NC.

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Ready to Get Stellar Auto Repair Services

in Marshville, NC?

You need your vehicle to remain in peak condition so that you enjoy your driving and stay safe on the road. That’s why, at our Marshville shop, we offer a wide range of diagnostic, maintenance, and repair services. With our help, you can easily keep your commuter cars, commercial trucks, and everything in between running well. 

Dial (704) 624-6616 to book an appointment. If you’d like to stop by instead, you can find us at 7006 East Marshville Blvd, Marshville, NC 28103.