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My car is acting strange: which services do I need at Whitley Automotive in Marshville, NC. Image of Whitley Automotive technician working on a truck engine in shop

My Car is Acting Strange: Which Services Do I Need?

A squishy brake pedal, odd vibrations, and leaking fluids can all instantly put a damper on your travels. Worse yet, it’s often unclear which systems need service. Instead, you just know that your car is acting strange and likely experiencing an issue that could leave you stranded on the side of the road. 

Thankfully, our team at Whitley Automotive is here to help. Just use this guide to learn about the most common signs it’s time to come in for service.

Engine and Transmission Repair

Leaks under the engine bay. Your car’s fluids must stay inside their respective systems, or parts could get seriously damaged. So, anytime you see puddles of fluid under your car—no matter how small—bring your car in for service.

The dashboard light turns on. When your dashboard lights turn on, it’s trying to let you know that one of your car’s interconnected systems needs attention. The engine temp light lets you know you may need cooling system repair, while the check engine light could point to the need for electrical repair, a tune-up, or even a new catalytic converter.

Poor engine performance. If your engine won’t quickly accelerate up to speed, gets terrible gas mileage, or generally feels off, engine repair services are likely in your future. Getting service early is critical in preventing catastrophic damage, so don’t put this off.

Harsh shifts. Your transmission should shift smoothly through every gear. If it grinds, slips, hesitates, or feels wrong, your car may benefit from a transmission fluid, clutch repair, or other services.

Brake, Suspension, and Tire Repair

Noisy brakes. As your brake pads wear out, the metal tab will start to squeal loudly to let you know it’s time for brake repair. If you wait it out, the worn pads will damage the rotors, resulting in even more service needs.

Odd brake pedal feel. A brake pedal that feels squishy or hard to press down points to a problem with the calipers, master cylinder, or brake booster. This problem tends to worsen over time and can leave you without brakes, so get it fixed fast.

Excessive vibrations. Whether vibrations come through the seat or the wheel, it’s time to have your tech look over your vehicle from nose to tail. You may need steering and suspension repair, new tires, or a wheel alignment to restore your car’s smooth ride.

Loud clunks. Do you hear loud clunking noises when you go over bumps? If so, your shocks and struts could be on the fritz. Your suspension system affects ride quality, handling, and more, so don’t ignore this sign that you need auto repair.

Harsh ride. If your car feels like it’s hitting every bump hard, your strut mount, suspension bushings, or other vital parts could need replacement. Your Marshville, NC mechanic must thoroughly inspect your car to find worn or damaged suspension parts.

Heating and AC Repair

Wrong temp air out of the vents. When you turn on the heat, hot air should come out of the vents—and the AC should blow cold when you switch to cooling. If that’s not your experience, let your auto repair tech find and fix the issue.

The system won’t turn on. If nothing happens when you switch on your climate control system, you could have anything from a blown fuse to a blocked air intake. Your tech must perform diagnostic services to find the cause and recommend the right repairs.

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