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4 signs your car needs new brake rotors in Locust, NC. Image of Whitley Automotive mechanic working on worn brake rotors in shop on lifted truck.

4 Signs Your Car Needs New Brake Rotors

How many times do you apply your brakes during a typical drive? The answer might surprise you. On an average commute, you could press the brakes hundreds of times to slow your roll and bring your vehicle to a stop.

Each time you do that, the brake pads take a small amount of material off the rotor. Over time, it all adds up, resulting in the need to replace your rotors every 50,000 to 80,000 miles. Repeated hard braking can accelerate wear and even cause the rotors to warp.

Whether your brakes suffer damage or simply reach their service limit, you’ll usually notice any or all of the following signs telling you it’s time for brake service in Locust, NC.

Decrease in Stopping Power

Do you feel like your car is taking longer than usual to slow down or come to a complete stop? Or are you having to put more effort into pushing the pedal down to activate the brakes? If so, you may need brake rotor replacement services.

The extra time and effort usually point to a need for more friction between the brake pads and rotors. This can happen due to normal wear and tear or from brake glazing due to repeated heavy braking.

Vibrations While Braking

When in good condition, your brake pads and rotors should slow down your vehicle on demand. As scratches develop in the rotor surface, however, vibrations will usually occur as you press the brake pedal.

You might first notice the vibrations through the pedal, but eventually, you could feel shaking in the seat. If your car feels like it’s wobbling while stopping, you may have warped brake rotors instead. Either way, have the issue checked out by your Locust, NC mechanic to quickly restore your stopping power and confirm that your suspension parts are in good shape as well.

Squeaking or Grinding Noises

Your brakes shouldn’t make a loud commotion as you gently press down the brake pedal. If it does, you may need brake rotor replacement services at your trusted auto repair shop.

Squealing noises typically arise as the brake pads reach their service limit. The small metal tab on the pads hit the rotor, causing a squeak that lets you know it’s time for new brakes. If you keep driving with your brakes near their service limit, grinding noises will come next.

Visible Brake Rotor Wear

When you bring your vehicle into the shop, your mechanic will complete a digital vehicle inspection. This process gives you notes, photos, and videos to decide how to care for your car best.

If the photos show scratches, grooves, or other damage to your rotors, you will need to have them replaced. You’ll also need to replace your brake rotors if your mechanic lets you know that measurements indicate the parts have surpassed their service life.

Is It Time to Come in for Brake Rotor Replacement Services?

Whenever you feel like it’s time for brake rotor replacement, all you have to do is turn to our team at Whitley Automotive for support. We’re your leading brake service and repair provider in Locust, NC—and we start every visit with a complete digital vehicle inspection. With that move, our team ensures that you get all the info needed to decide if it’s time for brake service or any other repairs.

Ready to get started? Call our team at (704) 888-3560 or swing by our auto repair shop at 210 Locust Ave, Locust, NC 28097. We’ll warmly welcome you through the doors, get you on the schedule, and create your perfect auto repair experience. Let us know when you want our pick-up, drop-off, or shuttle services.



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